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Omnia Upgrades Omnia.9

First major upgrade to processor since introduction

Omnia Audio has released a software upgrade to its Omnia.9 processor.

Improvements include enhancements for voice processing. A release describes it: “a new Dry Voice Detection circuit that substantially reduces audible distortion on bare voices when more aggressive processing is employed to achieve greater loudness. Dedicated multiband controls are provided to adjust dry voice processing separately from music, which nearly eliminates the need to compromise voice quality in exchange for competitive overall loudness.”

In addition a phase rotator has been added to help voice processing, “a valuable enhancement for news, sports and talk stations.”

Also coming to the Omnia.9 is a new RF bandwidth controller and several “convenience features” involving playout and program switchover during detected silence.

Omnia.9’s designer, Leif Claesson said, “Many of the software improvements came to me as I spent time at the stations, learning about our customer’s needs. Some were a direct result of requests by broadcast engineers.”