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OMT Adds New Modules to iMediaTouch 2.6

OMT Adds New Modules to iMediaTouch 2.6

OMT will introduce version 2.6 of its iMediaTouch automation software, which includes features such as Failsafe, a non-stop broadcasting auto-fail hardware safeguard, and Auto Trim for fine-tuning recordings.
Additional highlights include Auto Resume, whereby the backup machine starts playing where the main server left off, and expanded Cart Chunk tag support to facilitate accurate content ingest.
The company also touts a refreshed look for the software with more choices for mouse users through drag and drop options.
New modules include the “No Compromise” iMediaTouch Remote Voice Tracking module, which enables voice tracking on location and makes the features of the standard Voice Track module, including full song previews, music beds and access to hot keys, available to an Internet-connected remote user.
The iMediaImport module imports content from various sources such as third-party multitrack editors, newsrooms, FTP sites, network folders and NPR ContentDepot. Users can place and title content into an iMediaTouch system using the Cart Chunk and id3 tagging systems.
The iMediaDataCast RDS Encoder module allows stations to send artist and title information to RDS and HD Radio encoders.
OMT is in Booth 707.