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Orban Offers ‘Value-Priced’ FM Box

Optimod-FM 5500 will be on display along with new flagship 8600

The 2010 NAB Show looks to be a busy time for Orban.

The Optimod-FM 8600, reported here earlier, is its new “flagship” processor; the Optimod-FM 5500, a “value priced” processor, according to the company, will also be shown at the convention.

It combines functionality of the Optimod-FM 5300 and 2300, and features five-band and two-band processing, including stereo generator. It also has a stand-alone stereo generator mode.

New is a 10 MHz frequency reference input that allows the 19 kHz pilot tone frequency to be locked to GPS or another frequency standard. “This improves the performance of single-frequency networks in areas where coverage of the transmitters overlaps,” Orban states. A switching power supply saves energy and reduces heat buildup. The company says the cost of this unit is lower thanks to dual-core DSP chip technology from Freescale Semiconductor.

Features include analog and AES3 digital I/O, “half-cosine interpolation” composite limiter, remote control provisions, Ethernet and RS-232 serial connectivity, and automation using an internal clock that can synchronize to an Internet timeserver.

On the television front, the new Optimod-TV 8685 five-band/two-band processor includes a Penteo surround processor for processing stereo and surround signals. Penteo processors can convert legacy stereo signals into surround signals and downmix surround signals into stereo signals. The 8685 can also be used in post houses.

NAB Booth: C1657