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Platinum Tools Tames Ethernet Cables

ezEX-RJ45 now with EXO Crimp Frames!

Do-it-yourself engineers are likely in need of tools that can handle the multipair Ethernet cable and its complex RJ45 connector. Platinum Tools’ ezEX-RJ45 termination system could be a go-to device.

Product Manager John Phillips said that in today’s networks, twisted pair cables are demanding more speed and bandwidth. To help meet these requirements, he said, Cat-5e/6/6A cables have increased in size. “Both the outer diameter of the cable and the insulation diameter of the conductors are larger and vary by manufacturer, making cable and connector compatibility a challenge. Platinum Tools new patented ezEX-RJ45 Termination System is the solution … providing greater cable to connector compatibility to meet higher-performance demands.”

The newly devised EXO Crimp Frame, the company says, is an RJ45 crimp tool capable of handling varying sizes of cables and conductors. It has two interchangeable dies that work with EZ-RJ45 and ezEX-RJ45 connectors. The tool design allows for future upgrades by purchasing a new die.

Go here to learn more about the system and the devilish details of making proper terminations for these modern cables. Price: $90.