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Prioritized Wireless Service Is “a Gamesaver” for Sports

BYU Broadcasting puts MaxxKonnect Prioritized Wireless to work

From the Radio World Who’s Buying What page: MaxxKonnect’s Prioritized Wireless service is high-speed LTE internet service designed for broadcast applications. It is suitable for sports, field ENG and live reporting, including big events like election night or inaugurations; it also is used in remote transmitter control applications. 

BYU Broadcasting at Brigham Young University is using the service. Senior Broadcast Engineer Barry Squires said, “A lot of services will provide signal during initial before-game tests. In the real world, after 65,000+ Cougar fans show up with their smartphones, that bandwidth is chewed up real fast. Broadcasts can drop, or not connect at all.”

BYU Sports Radio announcer Greg Wrubell uses Tieline’s ViA remote codec with MaxxKonnect Prioritized Wireless Service.

With MaxxKonnect Wireless, a session is prioritized above the clutter. If the team has secure wired internet, they may use that as the primary and then set up MaxxKonnect Wireless for seamless failover backup.

“Typically, on the road when we’re ‘given’ internet access, we’re not always sure of the reliability, especially when it’s Wi-Fi. MaxxKonnect Prioritized Wireless becomes a gamesaver. You could use most popular codecs or even a cellular router/modem to connect with your equipment, such as laptops; but we put the MaxxKonnect Wireless Sim cards right in our Tieline ViA cellular modem. We just initialize the cellular connection on the ViA, which provides solid reliable internet connectivity.”

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