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“Adthos for News” Deploys AI and Synthetic Voices

Broadcasters can create news bulletins with multiple voices and music beds

“Good afternoon, it’s 4 o’clock and you’re tuned into KAGY(AM). Here are your top headlines for today …”

That’s the opening audio clip of a demo page from software company Adthos, showing off what an AI tool for news radio applications can do.

“Adthos for News” is intended to let broadcasters produce content in multiple languages using synthetic voices and AI technology. It integrates with newsroom systems like Burli and NewsBoss.

“Broadcasters and publishers can create complete news bulletins, including quotes and clips, with multiple voices, music beds and idents in an instant,” the company states.

“Weather, traffic and sports updates can be completely automated and localized for every possible location, with the ability for stations to write segments using their own format.”

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Adthos is a trademark of Wedel Software. CEO Raoul Wedel says the tool “can help to automate and streamline the creation of news content to not only increase cost efficiency but also allow them to scale and reach a wider audience.”

Users can choose from one of the platform’s voices or add their own host’s voice to the library.

While AI-based tools have been showing up for applications across radio, the nature of news is such that companies have approached it cautiously.

“While content for traffic news and sports is data driven and AI-generated, the obvious sensitivity around news content means that the creators have chosen to implement connections with trusted newsroom systems,” Adthos stated in the announcement.

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