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AEQ Lays Out NAB Booth Plans

Exhibit will include new codec, consoles and intercom system

AEQ Forum Lite

AEQ says it has a whole bunch of new products to show off at the NAB Show this month. 

  • Xpeak is a matrix-less intercom system for remote production. It supports up to 28 user terminals in different formats: desktop, rack, wired belt-pack, wireless belt-pack and PC application. All terminals interconnect with maximum operational flexibility and without the need for a matrix.
  • Atrium is a digital IP audio console for radio and TV broadcast and production, particularly those applications with heavy workflow demands. It supports management of up to 1,000 channels of local of IP audio, controllable through one or more surfaces, each with up to 90 motorized and pageable faders. Its new X_Core engine can be shared bby up to six consoles.
  • X_Core is a mixing, processing and distributing audio matrix for broadcast applications.

“It can work as a general-purpose audio matrix, as an audio matrix for intercom, or with combined functionalities. It also acts as the engine of a console, or set of consoles.”

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For intercom systems and audio consoles, it can handle up to 1,024 inputs and outputs. For audio matrix, in combination with the Titan router, up to 5 X_Cores can be linked up to the non-blocking matrix dimension of 5120 x 5120 circuits. It is modular and redundant.

  • Talent is an audio codec with Bluetooth connectivity. 

It provides connectivity for professional microphones and headphones for the host or guests of a program, “from home or anywhere.” AEQ says audio is studio-quality.

An external stereo audio source can be connected physically and through a high-quality Bluetooth connection. “These sources are added to the microphone signal, allowing you to broadcast and comment on concerts, sports or other events, or individual audio files or play-lists from a phone or PC and present them.”

  • And Forum Lite is a compact console that combines the Forum IP Split surface with four, eight or 12 faders with the M_Core compact engine with two rack units.

It can handle up to 92+ channels of audio on a modular surface of up to 12 faders with four direct routing keys per channel. “Its M_Core engine is compact and independent, for processing, inputs and outputs, with mixing, dynamics, equalization and filter functions.”

Available options include 16 or 32 Dante-AES67 AoIP inputs and outputs, 64 AES 10 MADI inputs and outputs, two telephone hybrids, and redundant power supply.


NAB Show Booth: C3205