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AudioLogger Is “Smart and Affordable” Logging

Software runs on all platforms and all devices, including mobile

Tracy Johnson, Tracy Johnson Media Group
Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson Media Group announced the availability in North America of AudioLogger, a recently introduced software product that can be used to record “any radio station in the world.”

The company, based in San Diego, said approximately 100 stations in the United States and Canada are using the software. It says AudioLogger is intended to be used for competitive monitoring, accessing air checks and video publishing, among other things.

As part of Radio World’s “Supply Side” series with manufacturers, we asked Tracy Johnson about it.

Radio World: What is AudioLogger?
Tracy Johnson: AudioLogger allows users to record any radio station in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then edit, manage, export and share that audio in many ways.

RW: And what does Tracy Johnson Media Group do?
Johnson: My main business focus is consulting radio stations on talent coaching, programming and marketing. We also have a show prep service, Personality Magnet; a premium content site for programmers, personalities and marketing pros, Insiders Radio Network; an air check coaching service,; and have now launched AudioLogger.

RW: What is your business involvement with the product?
Johnson: We are the exclusive dealers for North America and have been intimately involved with the creator through the development of the app. The software has been beta testing in the market and is now in general release. Tracy Johnson Media Group is the first dealer in the network, but there are likely to be more added to represent other parts of the world in the coming months.

RW: Who is the designer in Belgium?
Johnson: The company that designed the software is Rute98, which is headed by programmer Alain Claes. I’ve known Alain for many years as a colleague and client.

RW: What is unique about AudioLogger that other products in this sector don’t do?
Johnson: There are several unique aspects. First, it’s so easy to use. All of the functions are intuitive and take place on one dashboard. Second is the ability to record any station in the world, regardless of location. Third is the ability to export audio to video instantly. And fourth is the cost. AudioLogger starts at just $9.99 per month.

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RW: What other features should we know about?
Johnson: There are dozens of features, but some of the most popular include the ability to download the music log and most-played list of any station. We’ve already had two new clients tell us they plan to drop their current music monitoring service. The video to audio export feature is a major timesaver. It’s so easy to create an online video. A digital manager told me they would be saving up to four hours a day in their department with this feature. And a user can export any segment to a branded landing page, then invite listeners, winners or advertisers to hear and share the segment.

RW: What does it cost?
Johnson: There are three subscription tiers ranging from $9.99 to $49.99 per month. The difference between the tiers is the features unlocked at each level. Additional users and stations can be added to any subscription for a modest fee.

RW: What else should we know?
Johnson: I’ve been using AudioLogger for several months and I can’t imagine my life without it. It really is the world’s smartest, most affordable audio logging system with benefits for every department in any radio station, from sales to programming to promotions to the digital team to engineering and air talent.