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Bext Offers Lightweight Antenna Alternative

Suitable in situations with tight space or a weak mast

Bext says its FM Radio antennas are known for their sturdiness, broadband capability and high-power ratings. But with all that comes big size and weight.   

For some limited applications that require a small and lightweight antenna due to space limitations or a weak mast, Bext offers the TFLHO omnidirectional antenna, which is only 15 by 15 inches wide and about 3 inches tall each bay.

“Thanks to its small size it presents a very limited wind load,” the company said. “This tunable antenna can be ordered in single or multiple bay configurations up to 12 bays.”

Bext offers the TFLHO omnidirectional antenna

Because of its modest size and weight, shipping is simplified and economical, and installation is easy, said Bext. Brackets are included and can clamp on a support up to 4 inches wide.

Specifications showing the available configurations and type of connectors can be viewed at the website.

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