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Burk Offers ARC Preconfigured Systems

Customized turn-key systems now available

Burk ARC, Summer of ProductsBurk Technology is now offering preconfiguration of its ARC Plus and ARC Solo remote control systems. This new service includes configuration of monitoring and control points, automatic functions using Jet Active Flowcharts, alarm notification setup, periodic log capture and distribution, and AutoPilot custom views.

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Burk’s product experts will tailor a system to meet a station’s unique requirements, giving clients the visibility and control needed to manage an entire broadcast environment. Jet Active Flowcharts make the decisions and take the actions a client specifies, using an easy-to-read graphical format that is intuitive and natural. AutoPilot custom views highlight the information most important to managers and engineering staff providing at-a-glance status of the broadcast facility.

Preconfigured systems provide a reliable, effective facilities control including important features that are sometimes overlooked. Email or text alerts provide instant notification of equipment failures or off-air events. Up-to-the-second status lets users decide whether to drop everything and head to the site in the middle of the night or let it wait for the next scheduled service visit. Automated logging and reporting of critical parameters for the transmitter and tower lights demonstrate FCC and FAA compliance. Long-term variations in logged data help to define the scheduled maintenance plan. Early warning thresholds on key parameters identify equipment degradations before failures occur.