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DAC Highlights RFHawkeye

“Prevention is better than reaction”

DAC System has been adding to its test and measurement lineup.

Its RFHawkeye family is based on real-time TDR-like operation to monitor, detect and localize any VSWR-return loss changes along an antenna transmission line. “It keeps monitoring your infrastructure whenever the antenna is transmitting without any interference with the transmitted signal.” 

Degradation analysis, warnings and alarms allow the operator to apply corrective actions immediately to prevent catastrophic failures. 

Also, DAC’s IoT Apollo Software gathers information from installed systems and keeps the network under control from a single portal.

The company recently introduced a new power meter to measure RF power and VSWR/RL of an RF environment in real time, along with performing channel spectral analysis. 

DAC System, headquartered in Switzerland, serves the broadcast, public safety and critical communications industries. It says its philosophy is “prevention is better than reaction.”

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