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DHD Announces Console Firmware Update

New apps and updates for its line of audio mixers and routers

DHD Audio has introduced a firmware update for its broadcast audio mixing consoles, routers and control interfaces.

“New functions have been integrated to make operation easier, faster and more flexible,” the company stated. “Also being introduced are flat table-mount versions of the RX2 and SX2 mixers.”

DHD audio mixer flat mountDHD makes five audio consoles that can be paired with several cores of different capacities and equipped with a variety of interface modules. International Sales Manager Christoph Gottert said these products are used by both radio and TV stations.

“Our latest firmware additions expand the capabilities of version 9.1 which we announced in Q1. That update included support for Unicode character sets such as Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean, Snapshots App and Labels App, enhanced log-in, hot configuration and refinements to the DHD REST API,” he was quoted saying.

“We are now introducing two additional web apps, Assist App and System App, plus an advanced SNMP interface.”

DHD Assist app, right, and DHD audio mixer in the new flat-mount configuration.
DHD Assist app, right, and DHD audio mixer in the new flat-mount configuration.

Assist App is a browser-based application allowing remote operation of a DHD mixing desk from a tablet, laptop or desktop PC. The remote user can control fader and central modules and view the integral displays.

“Assist App enables a technician to support DJs during their daily operation without being on-site,” the company said. It’s compatible with DHD RX2 and SX2 mixers and TX touch panels.

System App provides control to configure and supervise a DHD system. Its interface includes IP address assignment and web connection management. “Detailed information for each module connected to the core is displayed, including serial numbers, temperature and uptime.” Local and IP-connected remote devices can be seen.

SNMP is for use where the mixers and routers are part of a large infrastructure and where devices are centrally managed. It’s available for XC2, XD2 and XS2 cores, and will be available for AES67/Ravenna interfaces this year.

DHD posted a video demo about these firmware features: