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Elgato and Lewitt Team for Wave Podcasting Mics

USB microphones aimed at podcasters, recordists, YouTubers and other content creators

Elgato Wave 1, microphone
Elgato Wave 1

Content creator hardware specialist Elgato has launched its first microphones, Wave 1 and Wave 3, aimed at podcasters, recordists, YouTubers and streamers, developed in partnership with Austrian microphone manufacturer Lewitt.

Both mics feature a cardioid condenser capsule and an onboard A/D converter (24-bit/48 kHz for Wave 1 and 96 kHz for Wave 3). They also sport a proprietary Clipguard “anti-distortion” technology that Lewitt developed for the mics. This reportedly analyzes input in real time and automatically provides the additional headroom that is needed before sending signal on to the computer.

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The mics each have a steel grille for protecting the capsule, as well as a centralized control dial/button for adjusting headphone volume. On the Wave 1, a push of the dial will mute the mic, while the dial on Wave 3 allows users to also adjust input gain a mic/PC monitor crossfade.

Elgato Wave 1, microphone
Elgato Wave 3

The mics connect via a USB Type-C port on the back, located next to a standard 1/4-inch headphone jack.

Accessories sold separately for the mics include a dual-layer metal mesh pop filter, and a specialized shockmount with multi-adaptor to fit most boom arms.

Both microphones ship with Elgato’s Wave Link app, a basic mixer for tackling multiple channels going into a project, whether a podcast, game audio streaming, or something else. The software handles up to nine channels and can output two separate mixes simultaneously.

The Wave 1 microphone runs $120, while Wave 3 runs $160.