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ERI Has New Motorized Coaxial Switches

Manufacturer also introduced a new motorized switch controller

Electronics Research showed new motorized coaxial RF switches for VHF and UHF applications at the recent NAB Show. It also offers a new motorized switch controller. 

The four models include the 1-5/8-inch Model CS203C switch, the Model CS350C for 3-1/8-inch requirements, the 4-1/16-inch Model CS400C (shown, first image) and the Model CS600C for 6-1/8-inch applications. 

“These coaxial switches are broadband and suitable for applications from 500 kHz to 608 MHz and do not need to be tuned to a specific channel,” it states. 

“The coaxial port configuration is a coplanar design that minimizes the elbows required in most installation configurations. The control interface and interlock connections are made with Cat-5 or Cat-6 cables and RJ-45 connectors.”

In addition, ERI has updated the CS250C, CS350C, CS450C and CS650C VHF (DC to 274 MHz) coaxial switches and the Model CS252C, CS352 and CS452 UHF (any single 6, 7, or 8 MHz TV channel from 470 to 698 MHz) coaxial switches with new drive motor assemblies and control circuitry.

The new EC130 motorized switch controller (pictured below) is designed to control one or two motorized switches and includes an SNMP interface. Adding an optional ERI Model VDM303 RF Power Detector, the EC130 will detect the presence of RF applied to the switch and prevent accidental switch activation while under power. The control interface and interlock connections are made with Cat-5 or Cat-6 cables with RJ45 connectors.

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