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Futuri Introduces AI-Powered Co-Hosts

It also now offers a way for listeners to call in and talk with AI

Is AI good enough to co-host a radio program? We’re about to find out.

Futuri is rolling out a tool that facilitates interactions between human hosts and AI personalities, called CoHostAI, while another new tool, CallerAI, lets listeners call in to “talk” directly with AI.

“These innovations represent a significant leap forward in integrating AI with live broadcast programming, podcasts and audience interaction,” the company said.

The announcement precedes the NAB Show in Las Vegas, where Futuri head Daniel Anstandig will give a keynote in company with an AI robot

Last year at this time, the industry was reacting to the introduction by Futuri of RadioGPT, which later was renamed Futuri AudioAI, and the past year has seen a flurry of additional announcements by Futuri and other technology companies in the AI space.

Now Futuri says the CoHostAI feature “creates a seamless collaboration between human hosts and AI personalities during live broadcasts. This breakthrough feature empowers hosts to engage in natural, dynamic conversations with AI counterparts, delivering a captivating and immersive experience for listeners.”

With the CallerAI technology, conversations are recorded with permission of listeners and may be used on the air. 

“Both capabilities facilitate direct interaction between AI, listeners and AI hosts, allowing engagement in meaningful conversations with AI personalities,” the company says.

Several broadcasters quoted in the ebook “Artificial Intelligence in Radio” told Radio World that they use AI hosts on the air in overnight shifts and for spot fill-ins.

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