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RadioGPT Is Now “Futuri AudioAI”

The tech company says the product has expanded and the new name is more appropriate

Cover of the April 26, 2023 issue of Radio World featuring a photo of Daniel Anstandig, CEO of Futuri Media, in dramatic lighting
Radio World featured a profile of Futuri founder Daniel Anstandig in April; click the cover to read it.

AI software provider Futuri has expanded and renamed RadioGPT, which it introduced about eight months ago, as Futuri AudioAI.

The company says that the technology now relies on multiple large language models, not just GPT-4. But it says that the changes go beyond that.

“The end-to-end content system, which combines automation system integration, Futuri’s TopicPulse story discovery AI, large language model (LLM) technology and AI voice, has enhanced multiple features and added new capabilities,” it said in a press release.

“In response to industry demand, it’s also now accessible to television broadcasters, digital publishers, streaming stations and others wanting to capture growth opportunities in live audio.”

It said using multiple LLMs means the content the system produces is stronger and supports future improvements.

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“This enhancement also benefits Futuri AudioAI’s weather report capabilities, which enable stations to strengthen their live and local positioning by running sponsorable weather reports with live conditions around the clock — even overnights and weekends.”

The company said it also has partnered with several voice AI companies to augment its in-house AI voices, including ElevenLabs, PlayHT and Resemble AI, to expand its voice portfolio. “These selections are all housed in Futuri’s Voice Choice Library, giving users access to a broad array of best-in-class options all in one place. Futuri AudioAI users can continue to clone their own talent to add to their own AI voice libraries.”

Logo for Futuri AudioAI, with the letters AI in red within a red circle against a white background
The new logo for Future AudioAI

RadioGPT launched in February. Although a number of other AI-based products are on the market, the timing of that introduction even as interest in ChatGPT was exploding across business segments prompted a rush of interest in AI solutions among radio broadcasters.

Futuri also recently launched an AI product that lets broadcasters produce spots, spec spots and promos. It said SpotOn has generated about 15,000 pieces of custom audio in three months.

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