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GatesAir Rolls Out New VHF and DAB Transmitter

Liquid-cooled Maxiva VLX-OP handles DAB/DAB+ digital along with TV duties

GatesAir, Maxiva VLX-OP, transmitters, FM transmitters, liquid-cooled transmitterGatesAir says it is extending the proven operational benefits of its liquid-cooled UHF transmitters to VHF and DAB digital radio with the global debut of its Maxiva VLX-OP Series.

The high-efficiency, frequency-agile transmitter line covers DAB/DAB+ radio, low-band VHF (Channels 2–6) and high-band VHF (Channels 7–13). The VLX-OP Series offers the same software-defined modulations as Maxiva VAXTE air-cooled transmitters to support global analog and digital standards.

According to the company, like the Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF transmitters, the VLX-OP Series integrates redundant, liquid-cooling pumps that efficiently move transmitter-generated heat to building exteriors. The system minimizes cooling requirements inside RF shelters, and especially reduces utility bills at medium-to-high power levels. It also offers the power density of Maxiva transmitters to reduce size and weight, and hot-swappable modular designs to streamline maintenance, according to the company.