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Genelec 1235A Smart Active Monitor and Upgrade Launch

An update of Genelec’s 1035 monitor

Genelec, 1235A, monitors, audio monitors, studio monitorsBringing together the sound of its 1035 main monitor with 96 kHz processing and integration with its GLM calibration software, Genelec has introduced the 1235A Smart Active Monitor, intended for music, film and post-production studios.

Launched in 1989, the original 1035 was a wall-mountable full-range monitor that was adopted in studios around the world, including Metropolis and Olympic in London and JVC and West Side in Japan.

According to Genelec, the new 1235A has similar frequency response both on and off-axis, and is said to have a wide and stable sweet spot. The 1235A also has a short-term SPL of 130 dB and low-frequency extension down to 29 Hz.

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The 12.36 cubic foot enclosure of the 1235A matches exactly the dimensions of the 1035, and features dual high-performance 15-inch drivers, dual 5-inch midrange drivers and a low distortion 1-inch throat compression driver. The midrange and tweeter drivers work in conjunction with DCW waveguide technology to produce directivity and consistent imaging.

The 1235A’s remote-mountable RAM XL electronics module contains power amplification, crossovers and processing, with Class D amplification delivering 2,000 W, 800 W and 250 W for the LF, MF and HF drivers respectively. Input connectivity is provided via both analog and AES/EBU digital formats — along with an AES/EBU digital output — and the updated design of the 1235 also delivers a flatter on-axis frequency response and improved noise performance than was possible with the original 1035, according to Genelec.

With GLM software, the 1235A can be configured, controlled and calibrated for the user’s acoustic environment, tailoring the frequency response, level, distance delay and more as needed. GLM allows users of any type of Genelec Smart Active Monitors to create systems to suit all types of stereo, multiple stereo, multichannel or 3D immersive audio formats.

For those who already own 1035A and B monitors, they can be upgraded with the new technology of the 1235A. The upgrade, which includes installation of the new RAM-XL module, brand new drivers and a complete system calibration, can be completed with no structural changes and little downtime.