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Henry Engineering Secures Power

Failsafe UPS power switcher available

Henry Engineering, BackUPS, UPS controllerHenry Engineering’s BackUPS is a power controller for ensuring AC power to critical equipment that is powered with an uninterruptible power supply. BackUPS constantly monitors the output of the UPS, and automatically bypasses the UPS if its output fails or becomes unstable. This keeps the load powered-up, and allows the UPS to be disconnected for battery replacement or other maintenance.

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BackUPS includes a delay timer that ensures the UPS output is stable before the UPS is switched online. Whenever the UPS output comes on, the system monitors its output for a preset time period. The UPS will be switched online only if the UPS output is stable during this delay interval. The unit can detect UPS power interruptions as short as 10mS. The delay time can be set from 10 seconds to 16 minutes, and can be defeated if it is not needed.

BackUPS is fully automatic once installed. The mode switch can select manual UPS bypass mode, or automatic operation with or without the delay feature. BackUPS can also be remotely monitored and controlled. The remote bypass input allows the unit to “force bypass” the UPS via a GPI control input.

BackUPS can also be used as a “remote reboot” device, to reset and reboot equipment via off/on power cycling. It can supply up to 15 amps of AC current to the load.