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Henry Engineering Turns on SuperLight

Controls LED on-the-air tally lights

Henry Engineering, Superlight, tally light

Henry Engineering’s SuperLight is a logic/control interface for controlling low-voltage studio tally lights. It can directly power 12 V DC LED tally lights that draw up to 500 mA. SuperLight includes a flasher circuit, as well as a DPDT relay output that can be used for any low voltage switching, speaker muting, or other utility use.

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It is compatible with WheatNet Blade, Axia xNode and similar network protocols. Cat-5/Cat-6 interface can control multiple units using one cable.

The LED output can supply 12 VDC at up to 500 ma; it can also “sink” up to 2 amps if used with an external power source. The LED output can be set to “flash” when on for use with on-the-air warning lights. All control, relay output, and LED output connections are via plug-in Euroblock connectors. Two RJ45 connectors are also provided for control wiring compatibility with WheatNet-IP Blade and similar installations that use Cat-5/Cat-6 wiring.