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Inovonics Introduces Triple EAS Monitor

The new 677 has three frequency agile receivers in a half-rack setup

Inovonics is putting the finishing touches on a new EAS monitor/receiver that provides three built-in, frequency agile receivers for AM, FM or NOAA reception.

“The 677 is currently being beta tested across the U.S. and was baptized by fire … during the nationwide EAS test on Wednesday Oct. 4,” the company wrote in an email. “We are pleased to report the 677 did its job well for the EAS test, as reported by our beta testers.”

It is an EAS monitor/receiver in a half-rack package. Each of the three receivers has a balanced monaural XLR audio output to serve as an EAS monitor or on-air monitor throughout the broadcast facility.

“The dynamic Web interface provides control and monitoring remotely via any Web enabled device. In addition, remote listening by Web stream along with alarms/notification via email and SMS messages. SNMP is fully supported,” Inovonics states.

Features include front-panel setup, jog-wheel menu navigation and six rear-panel GPOs that can be user-assigned to alarm functions. 

The 677 will begin shipping in December; Inovonics is accepting pre-orders.

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