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kmfm Combines Cleanfeed With Starlink to Broadcast Live From Pride Canterbury

The Kent-based radio network used this easy and cost-effective solution to meet its outside broadcast requirements with ease.

From our Who’s Buying What page: KM Media Group used the Cleanfeed platform and a Space X Starlink satellite internet dish to broadcast from the Pride Canterbury this month.

KM’s radio network kmfm operates in Kent in the south of England. Cleanfeed is an online studio for live audio and recording.

“On June 10, kmfm broadcasted a live program from Pride Canterbury using nothing more complicated than a connection provided by Starlink, and Cleanfeed, the online studio for live audio and recording,” the software company said in a press release.

“The one-hour DJ set, which consisted of high-energy dance and chart hits, was delivered by Rob Wills, kmfm’s head of broadcast and presenter for the network’s weekday drive-time slot.” Celebrity guests joined Wills on stage to entertain the large crowd in Dane John Gardens. The show was broadcast across kmfm’s network.

Cleanfeed said kmfm asked its founder Marc Bakos to create a system to allow the audio feed from Wills’ decks to be combined with the crowd ambience and send it via Cleanfeed to the studio in real time. Bakos used stereo mics at the front of the stage to capture the crowd and mixed that audio with the PA mix of Wills’ performance on the decks. The mix was sent via Cleanfeed to the studio for producers to add station IDs.

To assure reliable internet, they used a Starlink satellite dish backstage.

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