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KNWI’s New Stick Is Going Up

Will support a 10-bay ERI antenna to serve Des Moines

University of Northwestern-St. Paul, KNWI, ERI, Tower KIng II, radio antenna, radio broadcast towerRF equipment manufacturer ERI posted this pic on LinkedIn, showing work being done for the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, which has a project to increase the effective radiated power of KNWI(FM) to 100 kW.

As we told you earlier, the station, which serves Des Moines, Iowa, on 107.1 MHz, currently operates at 30 kW at 630 feet above ground level but is getting an upgrade.

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The stub for the new 995-foot tower was set recently, and the erection should be completed before the end of July, according to the ERI post. And it’s going to support a big antenna.

“The tower includes a free-standing 100-foot, 48-inch face, ERI Lambda Optimized FM Mounting System that will support KNWI’s new 10-bay High-Power Rototiller FM antenna,” ERI wrote.

ERI is managing the project; the erection is subcontracted to Tower King II.

Northwestern Media is using a Nautel GV30DN transmitter and HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter. It will feed a translator in downtown Des Moines and provide HD programming of its Faith Radio talk and teaching format to the Des Moines market, according to an earlier announcement from Nautel.

The project also includes a Slatercom/Dialight LED High/Medium Intensity lighting system.

Suppliers and users are invited to submit their project news to [email protected].