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NAB Sneak Peek: Orban Pumps Up the Bass

Bass Impact Engine is a free upgrade for select processors

Processor developer and maker Orban has announced a bass enhancement tool for select Orban processors.

Orban Optimod

The Bass Impact Engine is designed to improve bass performance for Orban Optimod 8600i, 8600 FM/HD and 8700i processors. For units already in the field it will be available as a free firmware update.

The man himself, Bob Orban, explains, “Orban processors have, for many years, used a bass clipper embedded in the multiband crossover, which rolls off higher-frequency clipping products at 6 dB/octave and introduces a certain amount of non-optimal phase shift. … This was done to prevent intermodulation between bass and other program material. The new Bass Impact Engine replaces this older technology with a limiter that generates carefully time-aligned, bandwidth-controlled harmonics that minimize the peak level of the bass so that very low frequencies can actually exceed 100% modulation. It does so without adding objectionable distortion in the upper mid-bass and lower midrange frequencies.”

Orban President David Day adds, “Our goal is not to blow doors off cars or knock out windows with the low end. Rather, we want to make sure a station’s bass consistently sounds great, regardless of the material being played, and brings the proper ‘punch’ to music without objectionable artifacts.”

NAB Show Booth: N4120


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