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Broadcast Pix Shows Visual Radio Package

RadioPix includes computers, software and PTX cameras

Visual radio system developer Broadcast Pix calls its new RadioPix a voice-automated, integrated visual radio production solution.

The new system combines the company’s Media Aware macros with voice-automation to turn a radio station’s host into a video producer. The package includes two new RoboPix PTZ cameras with 20X zoom and plug-and-play operation. Users plug them into two of the included Lenovo Tiny PCes five NIC ports using Cat-5 cables, connect to the local audio network for automatic triggering and receiving station output and then onto the internet.

Jeff Adams, RadioPix product manager, said, “It’s the behavioral intelligence that makes RadioPix unique. Show hosts don’t usually have time to also produce the video content, so RadioPix automates the production process, keeping it visually appealing.”

He explained, “By detecting microphone activity through the Dante interface, Broadcast Pix’s visually aware macros can be triggered. For example, activity on all mics could trigger a wide shot. Then, there is the ‘boredom’ macro, useful when a guest is speaking for longer than a minute. The shot could pull back, bring up the lower third title graphic, go to a wide shot, and then go back to a close up to keep the output interesting.”

The host can override the behavioral intelligence from optional touch screen panels, MIDI interfaces or even footswitches.

On initial startup, the system is ready to go, but a period of user consultation is included to help create the station’s look and feel. For example, import and position the station ID, choose suitable video clips and graphics elements and finally program the behavioral intelligence.

Broadcast Pix is pegging the price at $15,000.