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SAS Introduces a Software-Based NOC

“Global Connect” is for broadcasters to operate and monitor devices across local and remote facilities

Sierra Automated Systems said its new SAS Global Connect is a command-and-control structure for SAS and third-party broadcast devices living on local and wide-area networks.

“SAS Global Connect acts as a software-based NOC for broadcasters to centrally manage entire network operations and can interface with all components in a broadcast infrastructure, from microphones to antennas,” it said in its announcement.

“A producer in one location can manage simple and advanced remote operations with a single button press, from turning microphones and studio lights on and off to triggering automation systems and transmitter feeds,” it said. 

An SAS Rubicon console is among products that could be managed via Global Connect. SAS and DNAV are also working to establish third-party manufacturing partners.

“Users can even originate programs across many locations, such as bringing syndicated programs to air for their scheduled slots across different cities. At the same time, users can monitor the health and status of all devices on the network, and switch to redundant components as required.”

It is compatible with most legacy SAS consoles, routers, audio engines and hardware interface accessories, as well as IP-enabled SAS products. It is available now in on-premises software, and the company is is testing containerized cloud software versions.

The company made the announcement with DNAV, its manufacturer’s representative. SAS and DAV said they’re working to establish partners among other manufacturers whose devices could be connected and controlled with the Global Connect system.

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