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Sofia Metropolitan Radio Deploys AEQ Gear

Studios include a Capitol IP audio mixer

From our Who’s Buying What page: AEQ said the Diocesan Voice, a radio station of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, is using AEQ equipment.

Its studio has an eight-fader Capitol IP digital console with routing capacity of 92 inputs and outputs, partnered with a Capitol Screen application.

The station also uses an AEQ Netbox 4 MH interface and Venus 3, Alio and Talent codecs. Accessories include an AEQ Studiobox signalling box.

“The entire project has been coordinated and implemented by the integrator Syntegra Partners, a company belonging to SEG – Special Events Group,” AEQ said in its release. “The engineer in charge of the project was Nikolay Kachamakov, CTO at SEG.”

The Diocesan Voice carries church music programs, orthodox talks and live masses from the Metropolitan Church of Sveta Nedelya. 

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