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Solid State Logic Launches UF8 DAW Controller

DAW controller designed with an eye towards speed and ergonomics

Solid State Logic, SSL, UF8, control surface, DAW control surfacecSolid State Logic has introduced a digital audio workstation control surface, the UF8. It provides remote access to hardware faders, encoders and high-resolution color displays. It’s primarily intended for use in music creation, production and mixing, post-production and webcasting.

The UF8 is expandable to a 32-channel control surface and offers integration for all major DAW platforms. SSL’s new 360° control software (both Mac and Windows-compatible) manages multiple controller configurations, customized user keys, and DAW switching across multiple layers, allowing for switching between numerous sessions.

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The unit offers 100 mm touch-sensitive faders; high-resolution color displays; eight “endless” rotary encoders; creation and use of custom workflows via five banks of eight programmable user keys and three quick keys, adding up to 43 assignable keys per UF8; an intelligent multipurpose channel encoder; mouse scroll emulation, providing control of any plug-in parameter that is hovered over; the ability to switch control between three simultaneously connected DAWs; the ability to chain up to four UF8s together for a total of 32 channels of control; and a pair of SSL plug-in: SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip.

Andy Jackson, SSL studio product manager, said, “UF8 is an obvious next step in SSL’s development in ergonomically designed studio tools for today’s mixers, producers and creators. The layout and build quality are all about our fixation with ‘human engineering’; creating products that keep you in the creative zone with high-speed access to every fader or control, without operator fatigue or discomfort.”