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StreamGuys Polishes Offerings

SGrecast and AudioLogger get improvements

StreamGuys, AudioLogger
StreamGuys AudioLogger

StreamGuys has added new capabilities in its flagship SGrecast live stream repurposing and podcast management platform that help broadcasters expand their revenues by automatically converting live streams into podcasts without needing to manually tag midroll ad breaks in the results.

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StreamGuys says that its AudioLogger (pictured) already offers multiple and flexible methods for transforming live streams into podcasts including both schedule-based automation and manual control enhancements in the SaaS solution’s recording feature. Now it offers a fully automated, metadata-driven podcast publishing workflow.

Previously requiring producers to manually place inline ad markers into its 24/7 live recordings before publishing the resulting podcast, the upgraded AudioLogger gives users the option to preserve midroll ad break metadata from the live stream — thus enabling subsequent dynamic ad insertion in the published podcast without manual effort. The enhanced AudioLogger also supports metadata-triggered recording, giving users more flexibility than prescheduled recordings.