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Three Orban FM Processors Get PPM Certification

Nielsen encoding is now available on three FM processors

Orban Optimod-FM 5700i, Orban, Nielsen PPM

Orban Labs said three more of its on-air processors have received certification from Nielsen for the integrated PPM encoding option.

“The company’s Optimod-FM 5500i, 5700i and 8600Si processors have received Nielsen certification and are now available with onboard PPM encoding,” the company said.

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“These three products join Orban’s XPN-AM, which was the industry’s first processor to receive Nielsen certification and has been shipping with internal PPM encoding since last fall.”

PPM encoding is an option on the three FM processors.

Orban President David Day said in the announcement, “We’re pleased to report that this encoding is now taking place via Orban processors at stations in New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, as well as other significant U.S. markets nationwide.”

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