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Tieline Releases Codec Communication Software

TieLink designed to aid codec discovery and connection

Tieline, TieLink Traversal Server
With a mission to make codec herding easier, Tieline has released the TieLink Traversal Server. According to Tieline, it is “designed to facilitate simple codec discovery, NAT traversal, and connections throughout an entire codec network.”

A recent firmware upgrade for ViA, Genie and Merlin codecs provides their compatibility to the server.

Tieline VP Sales APAC/EMEA Charlie Gawley explained, “TieLink is particularly useful to networks with many IP codecs, because the ‘address book’ approach to grouping codecs greatly simplifies dialing for non-technical users.”

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According to Tieline, the TieLink Traversal Server is a secure, independently hosted global server network, with multiple global backups. It centralizes the Tieline codec contact list management and provides self-discovery of codecs within customized call-groups.

It adds that users can view the online or offline status of all codecs in a group and whether it is connected or disconnected.”

TieLink Traversal Server is compatible with Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller software.