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Tieline Releases Firmware Update for Codecs

Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs add phase-lock and compressor-EQ per input

Tieline, Gateway 4, IP audio codecs, remote radio broadcast equipmentCodec maker Tieline has announced a firmware update for its Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs which the company describes as “significant.”

The short description of v3.02.06 is: support for NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 audio channel mapping features in the ST 2110 specification; phase-locking for multichannel event production; dynamic range and EQ on all inputs; SmartStream Plus redundant streaming support for multi-unicast streams; and support for Euro ISDN connection.

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Tieline VP Sales APAC/EMEA Charlie Gawley said, “This is a significant release which supports features like NMOS, and up to eight channels of phase-locked multichannel IP audio, which will excite broadcast engineers.”

He also added, “Processing features like input compression and EQ that can be adjusted from anywhere online using the Toolbox web/GUI interface, also take remote control to another level.”

The AoIP stream phase-lock allows for allows broadcasters to stream live events like concerts and major sports in stereo and surround sound simultaneously, or distribute live phase-locked audio between studios or network affiliates. For instance the company illustrates, “a 16-channel Gateway codec supports sending 2 x 6 + 2 channels of phase-locked streams, or 2 x 8 channels of phase-locked streams, or 4 x 4 channels of phase-locked streams.”

Support for NMOS IS-04 and IS-05, Tieline explains, “ensures that components of a networked media system can find each other and delivers connection management and audio channel mapping to device I/O channels. Combined with support for 16 AES67/ST 2110-30 AoIP streams, NMOS brings a new level of interoperability and control with networked equipment throughout the broadcast plant.”

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