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Tieline Releases First Firmware Supporting Livewire+

Offers more support for its Gateway audio codecs

Tieline has released firmware to support Livewire+ in addition to other new features included in its Gateway and Gateway 4 codecs. 

In a press release, Charlie Gawley, VP of sales at APAC/EMEA, said version 3.06.06  has “been highly anticipated by many broadcasters.”

“Native support for Livewire+ facilitates both the Gateway and Gateway 4 being integrated seamlessly into the large number of networks that have deployed this proprietary protocol and use Axia consoles and Pathfinder for routing control,” said Gawley.  

Livewire streams displayed in Tieline’s web-GUI Controller.

In addition to native support for Livewire+ AoIP streaming, the updated firmware includes user-defined program support for a mix of point-to-point and multi-point audio streams as well as Ember+ GPIO. Additionally the firmware update features a new codec front-panel lock and French, Spanish and Portuguese translation updates.

Tieline had previously updated its firmware in June to support HTTP streaming and Dynamic DNS.

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