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Wheatstone Introduces Audioarts Lion

“An affordable FM/HD audio processor with algorithm prowess”  

Photo of the Audioarts Lion audio processor

Wheatstone is teasing a new FM audio processor that it will exhibit at the NAB Show and that will carry the Audioarts family name.

The Audioarts Lion is for FM and FM HD Radio applications. Wheatstone says it will have an affordable price point but will deliver professional on-air quality even from highly compressed source material.

“To deliver airy highs, a smooth midrange, and deep lows you can feel, this low-cost, half rack sized FM/HD audio processor uses Wheatstone’s advanced next-gen multiband AGC and limiting/clipping algorithms developed specifically for today’s source content and listening devices,” it said.

The Audioarts Lion includes stereo enhance, RDS, and Wheatstone SystemLink for transporting MPX and HD audio signals, including RDS, maintaining FM/HD alignment across high-speed data links.

Wheatstone will be in booth W3000.