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From IBC: Wheatstone Spotlights X5 FM Audio Processor

Company designed the system with a number of new innovations

Wheatstone is showing its newly developed X5 FM audio processor front and center, which offers a slew of new technologies to help with dynamics control, pre-emphasis management and more.

These new technologies include the Limitless FM peak control that reconstructs audio after pre-emphasis has been applied for a cleaner and clearer high end. There’s also the X5’s Unified Processing technology that allows the processor to share critical information between all processing stages; it also features a redesigned limiter that works directly with the unit’s Limitless Clipper.

Additional features include the Live Logger to document X5 settings and activities; a redesigned bass processor and enhancement controls in the iAGC to safely equalize audio; an optional MPX SyncLink receiver that can work away from the studio and manage multiple HD and FM audio streams; and AES insert ports via a PPMport, allows users to insert ratings encoders into the processing system instead of placing it in front of the processor.

Previous features that have been updated in the new X5 model, like the Multipath Mitigation algorithm, composite processing system with selectable look ahead limiting or clipping, baseband192 composite AES connectivity and a full set of analysis displays.

IBC Stand: 8.C91


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