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WinSafe Protects Your Station

It provides backup at three physical locations

WinMedia says its WinSafe backup and disaster recovery solution is intended to keep data safe and a station on the air 24/7. 

Database and audio/video samples are backed up and encrypted in the company’s Tier 3+ data centers in Switzerland, France, Singapore and Canada.

“You will have a VM with a full Playout that is running the same playlist in the same time as your studio Onair playout. It allows to switch the program feed at your transmitter site to this full backup program in any failure situation, so you can return to on-air operation with just a few clicks, using the latest playlist and copy of your database.”

The system also provides P2V optional VM mirroring of your physical computers, allowing fast access to workstations that are critical to your workflow.

“WinSafe provides permanent incremental backup at three different physical locations, retaining 14 days of your data and backing up every hour of the year using stealth and anti-malware Hyperion Software’s DataClone archiving back-up tool, full GDPR-compliant.”

It says the system is ransomware-proof and can’t be affected in case of a virus attack, unlike traditional antivirus or studio backup systems.

“You can monitor the status and sleep with no worries. Highspeed D2D2D transfer will help you rebuild your station in as little time as possible. During that time WinSafe is running the current playlist and assures you will have the advertising still broadcast as planned.”

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