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Propellerhead Releases Reason 10

Popular music creation software adds more creation tools

Propellerhead Software has announced a whole number release of its popular Reason music creation software.

On top of previous Reason instruments, synthesizers, loops and samples, and editors, Version 10 adds Europa, a “shapeshifting” synthesizer and the Grain Sample Manipulator, a granular synth. Propellerhead describes Europa as “a dynamically generated wavetable synthesizer.” For Grain, the company says, “Drop any sample into Grain and explore endless sonic variations using an extensive collection of algorithms, ultra-flexible modulation, routing and effects.”

In addition there is a new acoustic piano, Radical Piano; Synchronous Effect Modulator; Sound Iron Klang Tuned Percussion instruments; Pangea World Instruments; Human Vocal Ensemble; and 3 GB of new drums and loops.

Propellerhead Product Manager Mattias Häggström Gerdt said, “Our users have been asking for powerful new devices that enable them to explore new sounds, and we delivered with Reason 10. Now that it’s here, we’re very excited to see what music they will create.”

Price: $449, €405; upgrade from any previous version: $129, €129.