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PTEK Gamma Is Single-Box FM Transmitter

NAB Sneak Peek

The Gamma Series is a line of FM transmitters from PTEK, which promises an affordable, compact, single-box transmitter.

Its power amplifier modules — 1,250 watts — are combinable internally to 3.5 kW, allowing series power levels from 1 kW to 20 kW. Efficient power is provided by multiple 1,500 watt hot-pluggable power supplies that are operated independently and removable from the front. These are load-sharing; the unit is operational at reduced power if one is removed. The 3,000 watt system occupies 4 RU and weighs 60 pounds.

At the spring NAB Show, PTEK also will promote its ES Series Transmitters, a solid-state FM line available from 150 to 500 watts. The transmitter is FSK ID programmable from the front for translator use. Frequency stability is addressed through PLL frequency synthesis from a crystal oscillator. The series includes over-temperature protection and VSWR foldback to protect the unit by reducing power to a safe operating level automatically. Digital metering indicates forward and reverse RF power; deviation; final output volts and amps. Frequency is set from the front.

The line meets or exceeds FCC and CCIR standards. The FM150ES & FM300ES are FCC type certified for use on LPFM stations; the FM500ES is IC certified for Canada.
NAB Show Booth: C2052