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Radial Ships Catapult Mini TX and RX

Modular snake system sends four channels of analog signal over Cat-5 cable

Radial Engineering is shipping its new Catapult Mini TX and RX — new additions to its modular Catapult IP snake system.

The original Catapult is a four-channel audio snake for sending analog and AES digital audio signals over Cat-5 cable. Radial introduced the system in August, 2016.

Building on that concept, the Catapult Mini performs the same function, with the Catapult Mini TX (transmitter) and RX (receiver) both featuring a compact steel chassis with a hardwired fan-out to four XLR connectors.

The result allows users to send balanced analog audio between any two destinations reportedly without signal loss or degradation. Many buildings are already prewired for Cat-5, allowing Catapult Minis to transmit audio between distant rooms without the need to install or supply new cabling.

All of the Radial Catapult modules are compatible with each other, and are sold individually, providing the option to mix and match as needed.

The Catapult Mini TX and RX, available for $89.99, can be used together as a pair to create a compact four-channel audio snake, or they can be matched with other Catapult modules that include splitting capabilities or transformer isolation. 

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