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Radio France Chooses AEQ Systel System for Martinique

Multiconferencing IP phone system handles island issues and can reach out to Paris

MADRID — Radio France is a French public radio service broadcaster founded in 1975. It currently offers six national networks: a regional network of 44 local stations (France Bleu), four orchestras and choirs, a record label and a program archive. The French public multimedia service (made up of Radio France, France Télévisions and France Médias Monde) has been a member of the European Broadcasting Union since its foundation in 1950.

The technical management of the company decided to select the AEQ Systel IP talk show system to manage all incoming and outgoing calls for the on-air programs in its radio studios on the Caribbean island of Martinique. The studios are located in Fort-De-France, the biggest city on the island.

Taking into account the distance between the island and Paris, the system selected for this purpose needed to be reliable, user-friendly and robust. These criteria influenced Radio France’s choice of the Systel IP for the mission.

AEQ Systel-IP is a talk show system with multiconference capability and able to put on air several incoming calls simultaneously. The system is also able to distribute the telephone lines in different studios in a flexible way.

The system is cost-effective as Systel IP reduces the operating costs and improves quality being able to operate with VoIP providers. It also allows the integration with an existing telephone system by connecting to current IP-based corporate switchboards, avoiding the maintenance of analog lines exclusively for broadcasting.

In addition, the new touchscreen phone interface SystelSet+ was also supplied for this project. Some of the highlights of the device are user-friendly keyboard and a wide touchscreen. The SystelSet+ was awarded as “Best of the Show of Radio World” in the recent NAB 2018 show.

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The touchscreen makes management of every single task during a radio show fast and easy.

On the phone terminal itself, using the function keys and the touchscreen, calls are dialed or accepted, put on hold or pre-listened, their send and return levels are adjusted, they can be put on air, locked on air or hung up. The operational mode can be chosen between call queue or handling several calls on-air simultaneously. The queue is based on the actual lines with an indication of next call to be put on air. It also allows for the management of a call book and call scheduling. Lines can be shared between different programs and the layout is adapted to the number of available lines at each moment, thus making the best use of the phone’s touchscreen.

There is also remote control via computer for operating in a studio or across multiple rooms.

The project was implemented and executed by Eurocom Broadcast with support from AEQ’s representative in France, led by Jesus Vazquez, sales manager.

For information, contact Miguel Sancho at AEQ in Spain at +34-91-686-1300 or visit

The author is product manager for Systel IP at AEQ.