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Radio Workflow Introduces AI-Powered Ad Creation Tools

It's content creation without the writer's block

Software company Radio Workflow has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) into its business model.

Pulling inspiration from recent AI advancements like ChatGPT, Radio Workflow has launched its “Write My Ad” and “Fix My Ad” tools.

“Ad copy is a crucial aspect of a radio station’s business, and it’s essential to grab the attention of the target audience,” said Radio Workflow in a press release. “With Write My Ad and Fix My Ad, radio stations can now produce high-quality, compelling ad copy in seconds without the hassle of writer’s block.”

The company said using these AI tools will prove to be more efficient for its customers.

“We understand the importance of creating ads that stand out from the competition, and our tools have been built to reflect that.”

Visit the Radio Workflow website for more information.

You can watch a promo video below.

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