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RFmondial Launches Multiplexed DRM for FM Band

Enables broadcasters to transmit multiple DRM channels through one transmitter

RFmondial has added a new member to its line of LV-series of DRM modulators and exciters with an advanced multiplexed DRM modulation designed specifically for the FM band.

This new DRM system allows for the parallel generation and transmission of up to six pure digital DRM channels, or in combined analog and digital “simulcast” mode, on one traditional analog FM channel or up to four DRM channels.

Stefan Galler, managing director of RFmondial, said the new DRM modulators give “the ability to freely mix and combine analog and multiple digital DRM signals, in adjacent channels, with individually varying power levels, supporting single frequency networks, allows broadcasters, network regulators and frequency planners a new dimension of possibilities for planning and operation of digital radio networks.”

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