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ScriptEasy Is Facility Control Software From Audemat

API applications for Harris and Ecreso are offered, with more to come; and users can write their own

Audemat came to NAB with ScriptEasy facility control software. It can operate in a range of the company’s equipment including dedicated remote control hardware like Relio as well as exciters, processors and RF monitoring devices like the Goldeneagle HD.

ScriptEasy is capable of autonomous operation, multi-site communication and control and connection methods such as SNMP and Audemat’s Advanced Programming Interface. The API controls communication with external equipment using serial protocols, so the user can access hundreds of data and control functions via one RS-232 cable.

Audemat offers pre-written API applications called EasyLink. Software has been written for the Harris Z and Ecreso FM transmitters; others are planned. API offers open architecture; users can write their own interfaces using Javascript.

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