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Sonifex Debuts Echo Canceller

Dynamic DSP adapts to eliminate annoying echo in broadcaster earpieces

The latest from Sonifex Redbox line of broadcast problem solvers is the RB-AEC, an acoustic echo canceller designed for snuffing out annoying echoes in earpieces.

Sonifex explains, “When a studio presenter’s microphone signal is played out through a monitor speaker in the control room, it can be picked up by the control room microphone(s) and returned to the presenter’s earpiece as an undesirable echo.”

According to the company, the AEC “is used to remove the entire control room monitor speaker output from the presenter’s feed by adapting to the environment in which the control room microphones are placed. Although acoustic echo cancellation is more commonly implemented in telephony systems, the Sonifex RB-AEC is designed to produce broadcast quality cancellation.”

The RB-AEC’s onboard digital signal processing can adapt to shifting situations, such as personnel moving around, to keep the echo tamped down.