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Sonifex Places a Call to IBC

Equipment manufacturer debuts several broadcast phone system products

UK-based broadcast equipment manufacturer Sonifex will debut a number of new phone products at IBC in Amsterdam, coming up in a few days.

The biggest offering looks to be the Phone In 6, a six-line analog POTS and digital phone system aimed at talk shows. The system has a rack-mounted controller/interface with two onboard digital phone hybrids that connects via Ethernet to a studio-sited desktop remote control console.

The remote control console offers soft pad controls for the six lines along with a numeric keypad for dialing and an LCD readout strip.

The Phone In 6 has echo-cancelling DSP and other processing schemes for improving call signals. According to Sonifex it can offer up to 70 dB of cancellation.

Also on the phone front Sonifex has two small silver boxes designed for remote usage:

The CM-TBU is an analog four-wire telephone balance unit that allows for talent to listen via a phone, i.e. IFB. It includes level controls for send and receive signals.

The CM-TLL is a straightforward telephone line-powered telephone line audio input with an XLR output for going to a board and RJ-11 telephone inputs. Another RJ-11 allows for a studio phone.