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StreamGuys Highlights HTML5 Player

Metadata capabilities are a key feature

Streaming media provider StreamGuys launched an HTML5 player that it says solves metadata challenges and offers other benefits to broadcasters and streamers.

It says its multiplatform approach ensures that “one player can accommodate revenue-supported live streams on iOS, Android and other mobile and desktop devices.”

The interactive player supports popular mobile devices in alignment with the HTML5 markup language. StreamGuys says the player provides integrated metadata support, which synchronizes live audio streams with data of interest to consumers. This gives broadcasters and audio publishers an opportunity to offer audiences an interactive HTML5 player that works on every device. It says stations, musical artists and other service providers can dynamically display artist and song title, Amazon live links, social network connections and other info alongside their audio streams.

StreamGuys supports live ad insertion within its player, using dynamic advertising technologies to trigger pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls. “Similar to its metadata application, the HTML5 player automatically coordinates player content with the ad server to trigger the right advertisements for the right audiences at the right times.”