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Superior Will Exhibit New Stabiline Voltage Regulator

BVR series addresses severe and damaging fluctuations at mission-critical facilities

Superior Electric has created a new voltage regulator family for the Stabiline AC automatic voltage regulator series, the BVR line (PDF).

The systems will handle voltage sags, surges, undervoltages, overvoltages, most any voltage irregularity likely to be encountered at a transmitter site.

The BVR units, housed in NEMA 1 enclosures, use a patent-pending solid-state “step” regulating design to eliminate full load carrying transformers and servo-motor control schemes.

Units are three-phase and available in (208Y/120 VAC, 60 Hz) in amperages of 100 A, 200 A, 400 A and 600 A and (480Y/277 VAC, 60 Hz and 415Y/240 VAC, 50 Hz) in amperages of 100 A, 200 A, 400 A, 600 A, 800 A and 1200 A.

All BVR series feature Individual Phase Control for maximum protection of all connected loads. Input voltage range connection styles are ±15 percent for 1 to 3 percent adjustment and ±30 percent for 2 to 6 percent adjustment.

NAB Booth: C1108