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Taking Sound on the Road

Integrated package from Samson aids remote performances

Remotes can occasionally present a problem — getting sound to the “studio” audience. Rather than trying to haul some extra studio speakers on the road, why not spring for a portable PA system?

Samson’s XP308i is designed to combine two speakers, mixer and amplifier into a 40-pound package; it travels with everything needed for a live performance remote.

The two-way modified wedge speakers feature 8-inch woofers and 1-inch titanium tweeters. The speakers have integrated standmounts. Dual 150 W Class D amps power the speakers and keep weight down.

The eight-channel mixer, which parks into the back of one speaker for travel, has an iPod dock. It offers XLR mic inputs (with phantom power) along with additional RCA inputs for other devices. The package also ships with cables, which can be stored in one of the speakers. Price is $679.99 retail and $499.99 street, according to Samson.