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The Soft Side of Westwood One

What are some radio program pros using in their everyday production duties? Westwood One lets us know what some of its producers use.

I use Avid’s Pro-Tools Version 12.7, I also have the Waves Gold Bundle, which I use for processing image production. They allow me to smoothly and seamlessly produce imaging for our numerous 24/7 music formats.

— Scot Kirk, VP Production,
Music Formats/Shows/NBC Sports Radio, Westwood One

I use Adobe Audition because it’s stable and the industry standard; Q-Go-Live for its best in class remote app; Luci live for its Comrex Access compatibility; BSI skimmers, the best in class multichannel audio recorder; CentOS operating system for its stability; WireReady is a great company that does custom software automation and services for us with great support; Telos VX Producer because it can be tailored to broadcast; and Windows 10 LTSB because there is no bloatware Windows 10 install.

— Zachary Akey, Director, Broadcast
Engineering and IT, Westwood One

I’ve been using Adobe Audition to record, edit, mix and master radio productions ever since it was called Cool Edit back in 2000. Coupled with Apple’s Logic, I’m able to handle whatever radio production that is sent my way.

Now that we are pumping out podcasts day after day, I use these products to produce all of our original content. I also use an Apogee Element 24 as my audio interface. For the price, you can’t beat the quality, and with the new Thunderbolt connection, it’s as fast as I need to go when it comes to loading up sessions and editing fast. Great quality for sure! My main computer is a Macbook Pro, and this set up allows me for on the go production as well.

— Joey Salvia, Producer, “A Better Life with Sanjay Gupta,”
“ACC Rewind,” “Nash News Now,” Real Country Network Production,
Westwood One Podcasts, Cumulus/Westwood One

I’ve been using Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro since 1996 for music, imaging and video post work. Pro Tools is ubiquitous in the audio industry because of its smooth workflow and project portability. Logic is great for music creation and mixing. I use plug-in processors from Waves, iZotope and Steven Slate Digital as my main tools for getting the sounds I want to achieve.

— Barry Young, Producer/Composer/Engineer, TM Studios, Westwood One

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