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Tieline QoS Performance Engine Revs Up

Offers improved packet retention over IP and wireless 3G networks.
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(click thumbnail)Use of the Internet is a growing and constantly changing practice for radio broadcasters. Porting radio over to mobile devices such as cell phones is even more of a novelty. Yet these practices will comprise a large segment of any profitable future for radio.

Tieline Technology, a manufacturer of codecs, offers the QoS Performance Engine. Latest editions include improved packet retention over IP and wireless 3G networks.

“The QoS Performance Engine responds to variable IP network conditions and significantly improves connection reliability over lossy 3G cell phone networks and the Internet,” said Darren Levy, international marketing manager.

“This is extremely useful because broadcasters are usually unable to buy quality of service over 3G networks, and it is difficult to obtain at most remote locations.”

The QoS engine also includes forward error correction and automated jitter buffering.

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Tieline Technology — Darren Levy

Tieline joined the Audio-via-IP Experts Group because we believe that that codec manufacturers need to collaborate in establishing a global standard for reliable broadcasting over IP networks.

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Nueva tecnología QoS Performance Engine

Diseñada para transmisiones remotas en directo sobre redes IP, esta tecnología proporciona una mayor estabilidad de conexión con menos retraso donde no está garantizado el rendimiento de la red 3G inalámbrica de alta calidad o no resulta práctico comprarla para una transmisión remota individual por Internet.